Why Choose Us As Your Restaurant Linens Supplier?

  • 1 Everyday low prices with automatic Volume Pricing

    We offer everyday low prices with automaticVolume Pricing to reward larger orders with lower prices. Our website keeps track of the value of the products in your shopping cart and automatically applies the correct volume discount - no special coupon or discount code required!

    What you can expect from us: Low, honest, upfront pricing so you can quickly order the restaurant linens you need and get back to running your business.

  • 2 Unbeatable customer support

    Our customer support is offered primarily by e-mail and LiveChat and it's the best in the business. This helps us keep a written record of our communications with you and allows us to serve you better. It also helps us keep prices low because it's a very efficient and effective system.

    If at any time you believe you're not getting the support you need from us via e-mail or LiveChat, simply ask us to give you a call and we'll be happy to do so.

    What you can expect from us: You will receive clear, well-written, and timely communications from us that will leave no doubt in your mind that intelligent, dedicated people are hard at work completing your order. All that plus basic human kindness at no extra charge!

  • 3 Low order minimums

    We've set order minimums as low as possible and eliminated case packs for most products. This allows you maximum ordering flexibility.

    What you can expect from us: Among the lowest order minimums in the industry and no case packs on most products.

  • 4 Easy to order online

    We work hard to make this website easy to use. Beyond good design and usability, we do something most of our competitors are afraid to do: We post every detail about our products and pricing to our website for the entire world to see. We do this because we're confident that when you have all the facts, you will decide - on your own - that we're the best restaurant linens supplier for you.

    What you can expect from us: To continue to lead our industry in product education and making ordering online as effortless as possible.

  • 5 We are THE experts on the subject of restaurant linens

    We've been in business for many years - our specialty has always been restaurant linens. No supplier is more knowledgeable about these products. And no supplier will work harder to earn your business.

    What you can expect from us: When you buy from us, you're buying not only our products, but also our expertise. Need help selecting the best products for your needs? Not sure which size tablecloths to buy? Use us. We're here to help.

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