Shirred Table Skirting for Banquets

Table skirting style with continuous gather across top of skirt

Shirred Table Skirting
Made in USA
  • Fabric Style: Visa Plus by Milliken
  • Fabric Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric is known for: Longest lasting, most stain resistant table skirting

  • Commercial Grade: Yes
  • Stain Resistance: Highest
  • Wrinkle Resistance: High
  • Longevity / Durability: Highest
  • Overall Quality: High
  • Note: Clips to fit a table edge .75" - 1" thick are included at no extra charge. If your table edge is thicker or thinner, contact us to request the appropriate size clips.

A characteristic of shirred table skirting is the continuous gather across the top of the skirt. This continuous gather resembles drapes on a curtain rod.

Customers who prefer the shirred style sometimes comment on its causal look. That casual look has some advantages as a less formal décor is sometimes preferable over a formal décor. It's also worth mentioning that shirred is less expensive than box pleated - and saving money is always in style!

Our shirred and box pleated table skirting have a couple things in common. First, both styles are made with Visa Plus fabric. Second, both styles attach with Velcro (sewn onto the back/top of the skirting and attached to the free clips we provide).

NOTE:Learn more about Milliken Table Linen fabrics like Visa Plus here.

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Shirred - Standard Colors

Color Group 1
  • BlackBlack
  • ChocolateChocolate
  • Dark BurgundyDark Burgundy
  • Forest GreenForest Green
  • IvoryIvory
  • MaroonMaroon
  • Navy BlueNavy Blue
  • RedRed
  • Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • WhiteWhite

Shirred - Wholesale Pricing BEFORE Volume Discount

Cut SizeMin OrderColor
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x9 feet  *  1 pieces$45.76--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x10 feet  *  1 pieces$50.84--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x11 feet  *  1 pieces$55.92--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x12 feet  *  1 pieces$61.02--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x13 feet  *  1 pieces$66.10--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x14 feet  *  1 pieces$71.18--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x15 feet  *  1 pieces$76.26--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x16 feet  *  1 pieces$81.34--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x17 feet  *  1 pieces$86.44--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x18 feet  *  1 pieces$91.52--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x19 feet  *  1 pieces$96.60--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x20 feet  *  1 pieces$101.68--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x21 feet  *  1 pieces$106.76--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x22 feet  *  1 pieces$111.86--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x23 feet  *  1 pieces$116.94--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x24 feet  *  1 pieces$122.02--- -
Shirred Table Skirting 29"x25 feet  *  1 pieces$127.10--- -