4-Way Aprons

Great for bar aprons or for back of the house work. Available in short and long lengths.

4-Way Aprons

If you work in a restaurant, things get messy. But with 4-way aprons, maintaining a neat and professional appearance is as simple as turning the dirty side of the apron around and displaying a clean side.

4-way aprons fold in half and wrap around the waist. This unique style gives you 4 clean sides to use throughout your shift. Whether it’s dishwashing or bartending, these 4-sided half aprons for men and women protect from splashes and spills. And because they’re available in both short and long lengths, the 4-way style is versatile enough for the back-of-the-house and the front-of-the-house.

Finding comfortable, high-performance 4-way aprons in bulk can be difficult. This is because quality varies so much between manufactures. You need to understand both the quality of the fabric and the quality of the construction. For the former, be sure the fabric is commercial grade and properly dyed so the fabric is durable and colors stay true. For the latter, be sure the aprons are constructed with extra stitching in high stress areas to prevent tears.

Whenever possible, buy from a wholesale supplier that specializes in products for your industry. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing commercial grade linen products for the restaurant industry for decades. As a result, we understand your needs and hand-pick only those products that will perform well in a restaurant environment.

4-Way Aprons 30"W x 16.5"L (Short) - NO POCKETS

4-Way Aprons 30"W x 16.5"L (Short)

As Low As $4.50
4-Way Aprons 30"W x 32"L (Long) - NO POCKETS

4-Way Aprons 30"W x 32"L (Long)

As Low As $7.19