Banquet Table Skirting

Available in two styles: Box Pleated and Shirred

Table Skirting

Table skirting is often used for buffet tables at banquets. It's also used for tables at conferences, trade shows, and various other occasions where it's desirable to hide the legs of the table. There are many table skirting fabrics on the market - let your needs drive the fabric decision.

Our particular specialty is commercial grade table linens for restaurants. As a result, we use Visa Plus fabric by Milliken for our table skirting. This is the same Visa Plus fabric we use for napkins and tablecloths. We use Visa Plus because it's the longest lasting, most stain resistant table linen fabric on the market - and those are the characteristics the majority of our customers care most about.

Our table skirting is available in two styles: Box Pleated and Shirred. These are the two most popular table skirting styles. Of the two styles, Shirred is more popular (and less expensive). That said, the Box Pleated style has a very clean appearance that appeals to many customers. Learn more about these two popular table skirting styles by clicking the links below.