Restaurant Napkins & Tablecloths

Commercial grade table linens at wholesale prices

Napkins & Tablecloths

The napkins and tablecloths in your restaurant have great power. They have the power to set the mood (formal, casual, romantic, whimsical, etc.) They have the power to set expectations about entrée quality and price. And they have the power to increase the comfort of your guests by reducing background noise, increasing restaurant cleanliness, and controlling spills better than bare tables.

As the owner or manager of your restaurant, one challenge you face (among many!) is to create an appealing dining environment without breaking the budget. That's exactly what we offer. We want nothing more than to be your trusted partner in facing that challenge.

It's our business to know which fabrics and manufacturing techniques will produce the best quality and longest lasting restaurant linen products. We know our business well. And we've left no stone unturned in pursuit of the best quality napkins and tablecloths for your restaurant. The fabrics below represent our careful selections made with years of experience.