Why You Should Use Cloth Table Linens in Your Restaurant

(Some obvious reasons. And some you might not have previously considered.)

Why Table Linens?

Cloth table linens are a powerful aspect of your restaurant's décor. They have the power to set the mood (formal, casual, romantic, whimsical, etc.) They have the power to set expectations about entrée quality and price. And they have the power to increase the comfort of your guests by reducing background noise, improving sanitary conditions, and controlling spills better than bare tables.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of using cloth table linens in your restaurant!

Cloth table linens are more elegant

Think back to some of the best meals of your life. Odds are many of them were served on cloth table linens at a highly regarded restaurant. Sure, there's always the amazing meal you had with a friend at a dive restaurant, but let's face it, those meals are the exception, not the rule.

The fact is, 75% of U.S. consumers associate tables set with cloth with better food quality. That data point comes from a Jackson Marketing Group study. Here are more data points from that same study in an entertaining info graphic.

Cloth table linens reduce background noise

Restaurant dining rooms set with cloth table linens absorb background noise. Dining rooms with hard surfaces amplify noise. This is perhaps the most underappreciated benefit of cloth table linens.

We know of many older diners who simply won't choose a restaurant if it's too noisy. We bet you do too.

Cloth table linens are more sanitary

To the naked eye, restaurant tables might look clean, but they're not. The fact is bare tables can be a breeding ground for harmful, microscopic bacteria. Luckily there's a simple solution - table linens.

Table linens dramatically reduce the amount of bacteria patrons are subjected to, ensuring that tables are more sanitary. Why? Because when the current dining party leaves the table for the evening, the entire setup - table linens and all - are changed for the new dining party. It's simple, convenient, and more sanitary.

Cloth table linens absorb spills

Imagine a glass of wine spilling across a bare table. The spill spreads quickly, dripping off the edge of the table onto the chair and floor. It happens in an instant and can ruin the evening for one or more of your guests.

With table linens, stains are simply absorbed into the cloth, keeping them from spreading further and minimizing the chance of a ruined shirt, pants, or dress. Spills are inevitable, but their effect can be minimized with table linens.

Cloth table linens are good for the environment

Diners use 3 - 5 paper napkins per meal, per person. In contrast, diners use only 1 cloth napkin per meal, per person. A high-quality, commercial grade, cloth dinner napkin can be laundered a minimum of 75 times before it must be replaced. So by conservative estimates, 1 high-quality, commercial grade, cloth dinner napkin saves 225 paper napkins (3 paper napkins saved per meal x 75 washes per cloth napkin). If you have just 144 cloth napkins in your inventory, you will save 32,400 paper napkins (225 paper napkins saved per cloth napkin x 144 cloth napkins in inventory) from being thrown in the trash!

In fact, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that restaurants utilize, "reusable utensils, dinnerware, napkins and placemats." Why does the EPA make this recommendation? Because they know that paper products represent more than 25% of all trash sent to landfills. And textiles? Less than 1%.

Cloth table linens cost less than you think

Cloth table linens cost less than you think if you buy high-quality, commercial grade table linens that last. Consider the example in the section above about the positive environmental benefits of cloth napkins. In that example, 225 paper napkins are saved per cloth napkin. And 32,400 paper napkins are saved if your cloth napkin inventory is just 144 pieces. Paper napkins may be fairly cheap, but they're not free and those costs do add up! And that's just on the cost side of the equation.

Consider the positive effects of cloth table linens on the revenue side of the equation. Studies show that diners associate tables set with cloth with better food quality. The implication is that diners are willing to pay more money for what they perceive to be better quality food. This potential increase in revenue should also be factored into the decision.

Cloth table linens are an investment in the quality and reputation of your restaurant

Cloth table linens are some of the hardest working products in your restaurant. Your investment in them will be rewarded with many benefits, including those detailed above.

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