Spun Polyester Napkins & Tablecloths

Low cost, commercial grade napkins and tablecloths for restaurants

Spun Polyester
  • Fabric Style: Spun Polyester
  • Fabric Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric is known for: Low cost, commercial grade napkins & tablecloths for restaurants

  • Commercial Grade: Yes
  • Stain Resistance: Moderate
  • Wrinkle Resistance: Moderate
  • Longevity / Durability: Moderate
  • Overall Quality: Moderate

We recommend Milliken Table Linens (Checkpoint, Signature Plus, Visa Plus, Wild Rice, and Lattice Placemats) for the vast majority of our customers. Read this page to find out why.

Having said all that, we understand that some customers don't have the budget for high-quality, commercial grade table linens like those offered by Milliken. These customers are looking for good quality discount table linens with a substantial weight and a soft touch.

That's why we developed a line of Spun Polyester table linens that pass our high standards for quality and durability at a low cost. They're a little more expensive than the ultra-cheap table linens you'll find elsewhere, but with our Spun Polyester table linens you get so much more quality for the money. Specifically, you get a very soft, heavy-duty fabric that will stand up to daily use in a restaurant environment.

Remember that we specialize in commercial grade restaurant linens at wholesale prices. If you find a lower cost product elsewhere and we don't offer it, there's a good chance we tested it and rejected it as insufficient quality for our restaurant customers.

Rest assured that we have scoured the market for the best quality commercial grade table linen fabrics at each price point. For those customers on a tight budget, this is the best value you'll find anywhere!

You're $500.00 away from a 5% Volume Discount.

Spun Polyester - Standard Colors

Color Group 1
  • WhiteWhite
Color Group 2
  • GoldGold
  • IvoryIvory
Color Group 3
  • ChocolateChocolate
  • Forest greenForest green
  • Navy BlueNavy Blue
  • PurplePurple
  • RedRed
  • Royal BlueRoyal Blue
Color Group 4
  • BlackBlack
Color Group 5
  • BurgundyBurgundy

Spun Polyester - Wholesale Pricing BEFORE Volume Discount

Cut SizeMin OrderColor
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Spun Polyester Napkins 20”x20”50 pieces$0.84$0.92$0.94$0.99 $1.02
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 44”x44”12 pieces$4.66--$4.88 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 52”x52”12 pieces$6.51--$7.15 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 62”x62”12 pieces$8.73--$10.00 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 71”x71”12 pieces$11.25--$12.99 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 85”x85”12 pieces$16.14--$18.61 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 90”x90”12 pieces$17.52--- -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 52”x72”12 pieces$8.87--- -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 52"x96"12 pieces$11.90--- -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 52”x114”12 pieces$13.82--$15.57 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 90”x132”12 pieces$31.71--$34.72 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 90”x156”12 pieces$37.02--$40.55 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 90" Round12 pieces$18.74--$21.31 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 120" Round12 pieces$30.81--$35.20 -
Spun Polyester Tablecloths 132" Round12 pieces$37.71--$45.72 -