Why We Recommend Aprons and Chef Uniforms by Uncommon Threads

(The perfect complement to our high-quality, commercial grade table linens.)

FACT: Stylish aprons and chef uniforms will enhance your restaurant's image.

FACT: Durable, long-lasting aprons and chef uniforms will keep costs low over the long run.

QUESTION: But what brand of aprons and chef uniforms should you trust?

ANSWER: Based on our decades of experience as a restaurant linens manufacturer and distributor, we believe the answer is clear: Aprons and Chef Uniforms by Uncommon Threads.

Great quality aprons & chefwear at wholesale prices

We’ve been manufacturing and distributing high-quality, commercial grade table linens for decades. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s this: There are often BIG quality differences between seemingly similar products. Usually, it takes an insider (someone in the industry) to point out the differences. Fortunately, you have us!

After thorough market research and product testing, here’s what we can report about Aprons and Chef Uniforms by Uncommon Threads:

In addition to fresh styling, Uncommon Threads gets the manufacturing details right. They begin with durable, commercial grade fabrics that are built to handle the demands of restaurant work. These fabrics are properly dyed, so colors stay rich and true. Reinforced bar tacking (stitching) at high stress points reduces rips and tears increasing the useful life of each product. Aprons have extra-long ties which allow for a great fit for nearly everyone. And many of the chefwear products have nice details like mitered pockets, finished cuffs and hidden buttons (see product pages for details).

10 great reasons to buy aprons and chef uniforms by Uncommon Threads

These are the reasons that won us over. We think they’ll win you over too!

  1. No order minimum
  2. Deep inventory
  3. Current, cutting-edge apron and chef uniform styles
  4. Commercial grade fabrics designed for heavy use in a restaurant environment
  5. Centrally warehoused in Chicago, Illinois
  6. Fast shipping (ships 1 business day after receipt of order)
  7. Will drop ship to the screen printer or embroiderer of your choice if you want to add your logo
  8. Great value (quality for the cost)
  9. Reinforced stitching in high stress point areas
  10. Uncommon Threads specializes in aprons and chef uniforms. It’s all they do and they do it well.

Aprons by Uncommon Threads

  • Bib Aprons - The best-selling style. Used for kitchen aprons and so much more.
  • Bistro Aprons - Sophisticated server aprons for high-end cafes and restaurants.
  • Chef Aprons - Cooking aprons for the executive chef.
  • Cobbler Aprons - Casual, full-coverage aprons for cafes and special events.
  • Kids Aprons - Bib style aprons for boys and girls. Available in child size and youth size.
  • Tuxedo Aprons - Formal serving aprons in scoop neck and v-neck styles.
  • Waist Aprons - Casual server aprons for waitresses and waiters.
  • 4-Way Aprons - Used for bar aprons or for "back or the house" work. Available in short and long lengths.

Chef Uniforms by Uncommon Threads

Not sure which aprons and chef uniforms are right for you? Contact us for recommendations based on your specific needs.

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